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The great success of “Caveman” continues with Maurizio Colombi. The most famous show in the world about the relationship of the couple.

The show is based on the original text, written by Rob Becker, the result of studies of anthropology, prehistory, psychology, sociology and mythology.

The monologue, born overseas in the States, exported to 30 countries around the world, has already been seen by over 10 million spectators. In Milan to date with 400,000 spectators.

The Italian version, which won the award in 2012 as the best in the world, is directed by Teo Teocoli, and played by Maurizio Colombi, best known as a director of musicals (Peter Pan, We Will Rock You, Christmas Show, etc ..) , who performs as an irresistible comedian.

The eternal encounter / clash between man and woman, the manias, the defects, the different ways of thinking and acting. A theme as old as the world.

You’re in love? Are you looking for the love of your life? Have you been left? Don’t you understand your boyfriend? Do you want to spend a romantic evening?

Caveman will make you laugh, help you understand each other and be happier together.